Sunday, December 9, 2012

Some Like it Hot

So, I'm sure you've all faced this, right?  Your sweet, wonderful, perfect puppy gets a taste for eating poop.  It all started when the cat was injured and had to be confined to the house for ten very long litter box-in-the-house days.  Hazel, our puppy, suddenly took on the worst case of halitosis ever!  It took us a while to figure it out, of course.  I just figured the cat was constipated and that's why there was no poop in there.  (For the whole poop scoop, check out my blog post Dogs are disgusting...Cats not so much.)

Well, lucky me, I have a brilliant husband, don't ya know...that guy saddled on up to Google and googled himself a solution.  Turns out we weren't alone in our dog-eating-poop dilemma.  You see, other folks had figured out that if you put Tabasco sauce on the poop in the yard, dogs will avoid eating those previously delicious snacks.

We didn't have Tabasco sauce, but we did have some of that amazing rooster Sriracha sauce that we think goes well on pretty much everything.  Dave went to the fridge, grabbed that green-topped bottle, and went out to the back yard to do the spicy chore.

And, lo and behold, our sweet little puppy's breath has improved immensely!

So, while some like it hot (us), apparently one little dog decidedly does not.

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