Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Great Cookie Debate of 2012

It's been wild here today.  Crazy, I tell ya!!  There's discord amongst the cookie-eating ranks 'round these parts, and it's quite unsettling.  You see, I make chocolate chip cookies...A LOT!  I make hundreds upon hundreds a year.  For quite some time now, Dave has voiced his opinion that he does not like the way my cookies turn out (mind you, this has not curbed his cookie eating one iota).  The boys and their friends LOVE the way they turn out and have actually exhibited some serious cookie addiction's not pretty, people!

Anyway, Dave thinks the cookies should be crunchy, crispy, and delicious in that particular way.  The boys and their friends prefer cookies that have a moistness about them, a delicious moistness that lasts even days after the initial baking.  Me?  I have no opinion.  I haven't eaten one of my cookies in years.  So, basically, I'm no help in the taste department.  No tie breaking for me, thankfully.

Today I've been jacking with the recipe I've used for many years.  I've managed to crispify the cookies to the point where Dave now loves them.  Victory!!  Only thing, now the boys won't touch 'em.

Text from the little guy tonight after he'd eaten said crispified cookies:  "Can you please stop making bad cookies please"

Wow, that was two "please"s!

My response:  "I'll make the old recipe tonight.  This one was a blend of what you like and what dad likes."

Little guy:  "It didn't mix well"  "Thanks for going back"

Of course now there are two HUGE batches of cookies here tonight.  Please come by.  I'm thinking we seriously need to do a blind taste test.  We'll have the cookies and ballots waiting for ya!!

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