Friday, December 7, 2012

His stomach is bigger than his eyes...

Any of you have hungry teenage boys in the house?  It's rather unbelievable at my house...and when the friends join us, kawowza, Costco, here we come!

What's in a day's diet for the little guy?

Breakfast:  OK, this guilty mom hangs her head low as I have no idea what he eats before school as he's still asleep when I leave for work.  But, on the weekends, he'll eat a huge stack of pancakes, bacon (if Dave is around...I won't touch the stuff), fruit, and a big glass of milk.

Snack:  Being the great mom I am, I send him with two bags of goldfish and two bags of assorted chips.  (He loves me for that!)

Lunch:  The kid gets 3 school lunch trays, one after the other.  I've felt like a bad mom for not sending him with a brown bag lunch, but he'd totally need a duffel bag lunch!

Snack after school:  Half of a pizza and an apple slide down really easily.

Dinner:  The bigger and starchier the better.  And MEAT!  Again, seriously not my fort√©, but I make small attempts.

Snack:  Typically chips and guacamole or cookies and milk.

And after he sleeps all night, it starts all over again.  Yeesh!

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