Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Traditions

Last night the little guy and I went to the Trail of Lights.  It's something I've gone to most every year since I was a little kid.  Way back then, I remember driving from north Austin, where I grew up, to Zilker Park, just south of the river.  A line of cars would form, and slowly but surely, we'd drive through the park taking in all the lights and wooden cut-outs of cartoon and holiday characters.  In spite of it being decidedly cheesy and, by current standards, low tech, I loved it!  My brother and I would sit in the back seat, sliding side to side, making sure we took in both the left and right.  It was uber cool!

So, when I realized it was going to get cold today (I'm no fan of cold weather), I decided I simply had to go last night while it was still quite balmy.

Me:  "Want to walk down to the Trail of Lights with me?"  We live really close and, thankfully, now it's a walking only cars...woo hoo!

Dave:  "I don't want to."

Big guy:  "No, I've done it, I don't need to do it again."

Little guy:  "Sure!  I love going to that!"

Me:  "Yay!  I'll buy you a funnel cake."

So off little guy and I went, down the big hill, across the park, and there we were...with about a gazillion other people.  For about the first third we felt like cattle being herded to some unknown destination.  Then, suddenly, it thinned out.  I have no idea where those other people went, but I'm glad they did.  We walked and talked, and he even let me take some pictures of him.

An evening with my kid, $10 worth of crappy food/drink, a nice long walk, and beautiful weather made for an awesome night.  This mom is super happy.

P.S. Did ya notice that he agreed to go with me even before I offered the funnel cake?  Yes, indeed!

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