Thursday, December 6, 2012

Showing up to School Nekkid

We've all had that dream, right?  If not that, then for sure showing up in PJs.  Well, today I showed up to work nekkid!  Not all of me, mind you.  Not even hardly any of me.  You know that feeling you get when you're in your car and you're just moving your car from the driveway to the street so you can use the blower to get all the leaves?  Not me, I mow, don't blow...but have this not fully dressed feeling because you didn't bother to put your seat belt on.  Or when you leave the house without your cell phone and you feel like something HUGE is missing.  Well, today I left home without my bike helmet on.  I've done this before, but I always catch it within a block of my house.  This time I made it almost all the way to work when I realized something felt wacky.  My two clues?  The fabulous way the wind felt in my hair...and the shadow I cast looked like Madusa was in da house.  I've consistently worn a helmet since I had a wreck on the State Capitol grounds in 1993.  I had miscalculated a curb jump and my bike and I flipped, it tumbling into the grass a bit away from me, and me landing smack on my back, after bloodying my knees and elbows, and ever so lightly hitting my head.  I was launched full-on into "what could have happened" and bought my first ever-so-dorky helmet on my way home.

So, today as I rode my bike back home, with my helmetless head in charge of planning the whole voyage, I did not enjoy the feel of the wind in my hair at all.  Yup, I'm least as far as my head is concerned.

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