Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Trio of Tulips - Part 1

I was at a beautiful baby shower this morning for an amazing friend. As each person entered they were able to write on individual little cut-out onesies a few words of advice and then hang them with mini clothespins on a clothesline. My first thought? "All the good advice is already taken!" But then I remembered one of my greatest treasures. When my kids started talking I started keeping a journal of the adorable things they said and did. For years I jotted little lovelies in there, always noting the date. I stopped writing things in there once they were "big" and, frankly, less adorable (though no less lovable, of course). And you know what? We, as a family, take that journal out several times a year and we're reminded of what we'd forgotten...and we laugh...and we love.

So, yes, my advice to her was to create a journal of lovelies.

And I'm taking a mini-class on the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat and I started creating a piece inspired by him. On his version out of a very similar shape he created a face. Me? Well I saw a flower...and I went with that. This shows up in the third picture below.

I've had a painted canvas sitting around for a while
that I never got around to doing anything with I decided to paint over it.
I just painted to my heart's delight!
I started painting the shape that was on Jean-Michel Basquiat's
piece. Do you see the ear on the left side of it?
I got rid of that ear, painted two more tulips,
and sprayed water over it to create drips.
It's so much fun painting in a way that is more loose than what I've been doing lately. While it's loose, it's still done with intention. Really excited to see how this one ends up tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, I love your journal idea. Wish I had done that! Will save that idea for a lucky young mother. Had to look up Basquiat. He had a very distinctive style. Love your twist on it. Looking good!

    1. I love the way Basquiat just goes for work is much less angsty (not sure if that's the right word). I love his layering in a more graffiti style. So much fun to paint like that!