Friday, July 24, 2015

Skeptical Dave - Part 2

Our little cat, Tommy, has apparently adopted a catch and release policy. OK, so "adopted" is a strong word for it. "Forced into it" is more like it. Yesterday morning he ran in the cat door with a bird in his mouth. He ran straight in the bathroom and I was right behind him. He jumped into the bathtub and dropped the bird as I picked him up. He was not amused. I closed the bird in the bathroom, took Tommy outside, and then locked the cat door so he couldn't get back in. It took me about fifteen minutes to convince that bird to fly out the bathroom window. Whew!

I went to let Tommy back in and he immediately ran in with a different bird. I grabbed him again, he released again, and out Tommy went. This time a bird was flying all around our living room. Dave reminded me that we have a bird net in the back yard. I didn't have any luck catching it, but Dave finally did...with his bare hands! He has another super power to add to his list!

Pretty sure we need to bell that darn cat!

Now on to my finished painting. I'm happy to report that Dave likes it! He was even willing to pose with it...see the photo at the bottom.

"Skeptical Dave"

I added color to his face and a lot of details.

I changed the skin tone

I darkened the ski cap.

Current, real, older Skeptical Dave with
years old, painted, younger Skeptical Dave.
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