Sunday, July 5, 2015

Jupiter on the Horizon - Part 1

I happen to know a wonderful little guy who is crazy about space and volcanos. His lovely dad, who happens to be my brother, suggested a view of Jupiter from Io, one of its moons. And Io just so happens to be the most volcanic body in our universe. It's true...I looked it up! Win, win! And so, pushed once again out of my comfort zone, I started in on my first space picture since elementary school.

I started with Jupiter and the horizon of Io.

I added three volcanos.

I started layering color on the volcanos.

And more layering.

I decided that I wanted Jupiter to be bigger. I also worked on
the fire or whatever it is that shoots out of the top of volcanos and
began adding some texture to the surface of Io in the foreground.

I painted the surface of Jupiter and added lava.

I'm excited to keep working on and finish this painting for my favorite little astronomer! Fingers crossed that it passes inspection by his scientific eye!

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