Thursday, July 23, 2015

Skeptical Dave - Part 1

We all have super powers of some sort. My husband's? Well, among many other super powers he is able to raise one eyebrow at a time. This is something that I absolutely cannot do so I have always been in awe of his mad eyebrow skills. About six or so years ago this amazing super power was captured and I recently came across the image. And of course I had to paint it!

Now while I am in awe of his wonder brows, I'm also just the tiniest bit put off by them as well. Why? Because when he does it while he's looking at me he's communicating great skepticism of anything I might be talking about. Somehow I need to convince him that my super power is always being right. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Here's what I got done today.

I painted my canvas black and then
did a basic sketch with white.

I added some color. Now this, my friends,
is definitely an "ugly" stage. Sorry, Dave!

I began adding some details..eyes, shadows, hair.
Pretty sure Dave will have that same look when he sees what I've done so far. 

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