Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wren - Part 1

I found out something a bit disturbing about our chickens. The thing is, I find it really easy to think of our girls as vegetarians. I'm not exactly sure why, but that's just my go to assumption. Crazy because I've seen them eat all kinds of bugs as well as a whole mouse and a rat they had their way with. But still I think, "My chickens are veg heads...just like their mama." 

But when the guys made steak and there was just a bit left over we decided to see what the chickens would think of it. I figured they'd snub their sweet little vegetarian noses at it, but no. One chicken would get a bit of meat and take off running. Then all the chickens would take off running after her. It was like a wild, manic chicken parade. A really fast one. It was the best show I've seen in a long time. 

Next time there's steak around here there will also be some videotaping.

Now to my painting. I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a lovely girl. I'm forever honored by these requests and I absolutely love doing them. Here's the beginning steps of this one...lovely "Wren".

I started by creating the background, trees and some sky.

I added two more shades of green for the trees.

I painted the basic shape of her head and shoulders.

First I added a tree. Then I started working
on some shading and her hair.
David said, "That's scary!" Yes, my paintings
always go through their not so pretty phases.
This is definitely one such phase.
I've learned to trust that it will get better.

I redid her eyes in a new location and added more
detail and just the first bits of color.
I'm still a long way from creating something as lovely as this girl is. I'll keep working on it!

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  1. Oh, this painting is looking really good, Kali. Portraits do usually go thru creepy stages. Good thing we don't let comments deter us. Your hubby's probably changed his tune already. Loved your steak and eggs story!

    1. He did end up loving my finished product. :-) I have to say that it has been so liberating showing my works as they progress. I find that as I photograph them I'm honoring all of the stages of their growth.