Thursday, July 9, 2015

High Five-and-a-Half - Part 1

Cousins are awesome! They're like siblings, only maybe better. You get to see them during special times and when you're with them "work" is even fun just because you're together. I only occasionally saw my cousins as I was growing up and I was a lot younger than they were, but when we'd gather together it was wonderful. And whether it was going for a boat ride or sitting around shucking corn for that evening's meal, blissfully good times were had.

I started working on a painting of six cousins, though they've named themselves "High Five-and-a-Half" because number six is half their size. Or at least he was. He's catching up now. But just last night I heard that he'll always be known as "half". What a lucky little guy who will likely be the biggest of them all one day.

I'm not as far along as I would have liked to have been because I painted over my first run at the image. That's my favorite thing about can just paint right over what you're not a fan of.

Here's where I am so far.

I painted the basic colors of he background
and sketched the image on top. I started painting
some of their shorts before I remembered to snap a pic.

I began adding some basic colors. I have a lot of work
to do with their basic shapes and tons of work to do on
details, but I'm much happier with how this version is going.
I promise it'll move past the ugly cartoon phase.
I think this is my seventh painting of children positioned looking away from me. I think it adds such fun and whimsy.

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  1. What a great story. Good start to a very special painting. They will be fighting over this one, Kali!