Thursday, July 2, 2015

Reclined - Part 2

So I had a Phyllis story yesterday, and I've got another one today. Phyllis is my chicken, in case you don't know. I tried to give that girl a bit of a bath today. Her awesome feathery headdress has been funky and dirty since all the recent rains. So I took her in the house, wet a washcloth with warm water, and went to work. While she tolerated the process, she was by no means a fan. She even let me take a try at blowing her dry while she sat on the toilet seat. Love that glamour chicken of mine!

And I worked sporadically on this painting throughout the day. I'd add paint here and there, see that my proportions were off and move things around, I'd walk away and give her an hour's break...It was a really fun process.

Here's my final piece and below are steps leading up to that.


I gave her a bottom lift and elongated her legs.
I also began adding fleshtone.

I darkened her and added more shadows.

I added even more shadowing and also enlarged her head.
I added details to her hair.

I darkened her hair color still leaving visible "curls".
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    1. What is wonderful and amazing is that this painting was purchased before I was able to even post it. "I want that!" said a lovely guest in our home. I was so honored!