Friday, July 17, 2015

Embracing my Inner Klimt - Part 2

Sometimes I'm quite sure the poop gods are smiling down on me.

Here's how I know...a few days ago when I was walking our dog, Hazel, in the neighborhood, I saw something in the gutter. It was covered with leaves and a bit of caked mud, but that didn't stop me from picking it up. Well, it was one of those doggie poop bag holders that you clip onto their collar. Cool! I'd always wanted one but I was too cheap to buy one and I just ended up using bread bags and such stuffed into this zipper pouch thing Dave had gotten at a conference.

Well, this morning as Hazel and I were walking around Town Lake I saw something on the side of the trail, covered with leaves and a bit of dirt. It was a brand new roll of poop bags! It still had a sticker on it holding the roll together. I picked it up, tucked it into my new-to-me poop bag holder and kept walking.

I felt prepared for anything! And what did Hazel not do on our walk? Poop. This marks the first time I've every been disappointed in that happening.

And I finished my Klimt inspired piece. What fun! And how amazingly sparkly! Here's the completed piece and the last few stages below it.

"Embracing my Inner Klimt"

I added more swirls.

And more swirls! I also added more details to the blanket.

I took this picture to show just how much it sparkled
in different spots. I love sparkles...and in some
circles I'm actually known as the "Sparkle Fairy".
True story.
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