Monday, July 20, 2015

The More I Paint - Part 1

I was so in love with painting the tulips all graffiti and Basquiat style over the last couple of days that I simply had to use my 36x36 canvas to create something else with that wonderful inspiration. To make things even more fun, I used mostly my left hand to paint it. I love painting with my non-dominant hand. I find I let my critical eye take a big fat break and that is wonderful. The reason I chose to paint with my left hand is that I'm having some issues with my right arm, possibly issues that will turn out to have been the cause of the blood clot I had a few years back. I was scanned and I'm clot free, but we'll be exploring a new possible diagnosis in the next couple of days. In the meantime, yay for left handed painting!

I adore painting graffiti style! The bliss of the surface being temporary, changeable, redoable...such freedom! Jean-Michel Basquiat said, "The more I paint, the more I like everything." That rings so true for me. I really thought about those words as I painted.

Here's the first layer of color.
I started with my canvas on the table so I wouldn't be
having to raise my right arm to paint, but I realized
that I love painting vertically, so I soon decided that
I could just use my left hand and set the canvas upright.
Before I moved it vertical I added some basic
shapes and marks.
Yay, upright! I also realized that the drips would
work better if it were set up vertically rather than me
having to lift it each time to let the drips form.
I added additional marks and
created a flower out of the sun.
Nope, didn't like the flower after all and I added more drips
and painted over much of the heart.

36x36 is a lot of area to cover! We'll see what tomorrow brings....

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