Saturday, July 11, 2015

Grandson with Rainbrella - Rebooted - Part 1

Apparently I need to work some bugs out of my system. Yesterday with my bee passenger, whom I really didn't have a problem with aside from the potential stinging. And then today with a most unwelcome passenger on my hair and then neck, to be precise. I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when I felt something. It could have been a bit of hair tickling my neck, but no, I only have longish hair in the front. I reached up to the back of my head, gently touched my hair, and felt the broad smoothness that could only be a big cockroach. It, in response, ran down my neck and then flew to the ground as I frantically swatted and said a few very rude things. <shudder> I'd like a bug-free day tomorrow, thank you very much.

And now on to my painting. If you think the beginning of this painting looks familiar, you're absolutely right! I painted a version of it a couple of months ago. And now I'm painting another version of it for a different family member of this precious little guy. I love that they both wanted one!

So lovely revisiting this image. And this time I get to share my painting steps. Funny thing, I'm painting it in a different order than I did the first time.

I started with the background...
sky, fence, greenery.

I roughed in the shape of the tree with the
leftover paint on my palette. I added some
tree shapes further back and some darker
elements in the front.

I added clouds, gave the tree more appropriate
colors, and added some texture and detail
go the greenery.

I added more foliage elements.

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