Monday, July 6, 2015

Jupiter on the Horizon - Part 2

A couple of our chickens have boo boos on the bottom of their feet. Thanks to the internet we were able to take care of them ourselves and the chickens seem fine and happy. Only thing is...they look like they're walking around with little ace bandages on. Seriously, they look like they've sprained their ankles. They're as adorable as a couple of chicken patients can be!

And I finished this painting. It's passed inspection by my brother and we'll just see what his little guy thinks. He's the expert, after all, and I just might have to do some corrections. Course I'd have to insist that I be able to do it on California...right?!?! Maybe I need to put an error in there on purpose....

Hope he loves it!

Here's the finished painting and some steps leading up to it.

"Jupiter on the Horizon"

I started shadowing Jupiter and adding more details
to the foreground. I also added flame to a third volcano.

More darkening of the foreground and shadowing of Jupiter.

More shadowing of Jupiter and I made it more round.
I also added a lava river.

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