Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The More I Paint - Part 2

OK, so bigger isn't necessarily better, but in this case it was really, really fun! And my girl, Phyllis (my wonder chicken), seemed to be on the same page. When I finished this painting I went outside to check on my feathered ladies and they all ran up to me...except Phyllis.

Me: "Phyllis! Phyllis!"

And then I saw her. She was perched atop the coop, her fabulous Phyllis Diller plume in full force, clearly feeling BIG.

I predict more big canvases for me and more top-of-the-coop time for Phyllis in our future.

"The More I Paint"
I added a female figure and covered more of the
painting with black and white. I added
more marks as well.

I wrote the Basquiat quote I'd been thinking of as I painted.
I painted three tulip shapes...I loved them so much when
I painted tulips before!

I continued adding marks all around the canvas
and began adding color to the tulips.

I added a few more marks, and more color
on the female figure and the tulips.
I love how it's keeping some of my other paintings
(and my painted lamp) company...until it goes on exhibit
next month, that is.
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  1. Pow! It was worth the wait!! Love it, Kali!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I'm super fond of it! Maybe it won't sell and I'll just keep it. :-)