Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wren - Part 2

We've been having to do some minor wound care on our little cat, Tommy. He seems to have gotten into a bit of a scuffle and came away with some tiny head wounds. And it turns out that taking care of a cat's wounds is a multi person job. 

Step 1: Wrap the cat in a towel burrito style.

Step 2: One person hold the wrapped cat while another person tends to the wounds.

Step 3: Rewrap cat in towel after they escape half way through the wound care.

Step 4: Finish caring for the wounds.

Step 5: Release the cat and hope that they still consider us their friend.

The jury is still out on that friend part.

And I finished this painting. I can only hope I did this lovely and amazing girl justice. Here's the completed piece and below are some steps leading up to completion.

I started working on some color and details.

I added white to her eyes, blue to her shirt,
and highlights in her hair.

I added more highlights to her skin.

I raised her hairline and added more to her hair
and started "repairing" the background I'd covered.

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  1. The new owner will be thrilled with this! Beautiful painting! Wishing Tommy a speedy recovery.

    1. Tommy has fully recovered! I'm feeling like a chicken and cat healer these days. And thank you!