Friday, July 3, 2015

Mr. Monkey - Part 1

I received the most awesome request the other day. A lovely person wanted me to paint a puppet. A monkey puppet. A fabulously funny, crazy friendly, spectacularly awesome, world traveling monkey! What fun!

I forgot to take more photos of my first stages. Here's the
first one I took. I started with woods at the bottom, a city scene in
the middle, and clouds at the top.

I wanted my clouds to be a little less cartoonish.

After looking at a bunch of Mr. Monkey photos on his Instagram
page I borrowed parts of three photos to create his head,
shoulders, arm, and hand.

I added more details to the buildings.

I painted in Mr. Monkey's shape so I could layer colors on top.

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  1. More fun! Can't wait to meet Mr. Monkey.

    1. :-) They are hoping to have a TV show with him. I bet they'll succeed!