Monday, June 4, 2012

Coming out of the Closet

I hear most folks do a "spring cleaning".  Yeah, there's no time for such silliness at my house that time of year. ends up being "summer cleaning".  I spent much of the day today going through most everything in my closet.  I had the standard questions to ask myself, of course.

- Have I worn it in a year?

- Does it even still fit?

- Is it ugly?

- Is it even too ugly to be reborn as a costume?

- Should I keep the polyester dress that the guys in my house can fit into when they get that urge to cross-dress on Halloween?

So, what I have to show for it at the end of the day is a big garbage bag full of stuff that's too big, too ugly, and never worn.  What's still in my closet?  A bunch of stuff that I hope looks pretty good on me, a well-worn holey pair of overalls that are perfect for my last minute Bubba outfit on Halloween, and one fabulous dress for my guys!  I'm the best mom/wife ever...always thinking of their needs.

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