Monday, June 11, 2012

Sympathy Eating

My incredibly sweet husband was so great when I was pregnant.  He was pound for pound with me weight gain-wise, all the way up to 15 pounds.  I mean, that's serious love, right?  Well, tonight made me remember that ever so fondly.  We'd been out for tacos and come coffee shop hangin' out and had just arrived back home.

Me:  "I'm hungry...that dinner didn't fill me up."

So, I got out a bag of carrots, salted them, and started crunching away.

Dave:  "I should eat too, out of sympathy."

So, he got out some left over lasagne.

Dave:  "Cheese!"

Me:  "'Geez'?"

David:  "And this toast...that's all I need."

...and this lamp...

Who let Navin in da house?

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