Friday, June 15, 2012

My Inner Klutz

Most people do that silly New Year's resolution thingie 'round January 1st, right?  I've always thought that was pretty darn ridiculous...but then today I came to the realization that I do it, too...only my New Year starts when school lets out and I find myself with abundant free time and the renewed urge to be at the pool.  So, yeah, every summer I find myself remaking the commitment to dive into a workout routine.

So, I've been blissfully rediscovering my inner klutz since summer break began, doing hip hop and Zumba like a crazy woman.  I'd like to take the opportunity right here, right now, to turn back the dial and apologize for those unfortunate individuals who actually paid to see performances I belly danced in.  More like twitching around on the dance floor, doing my impression of the Elaine dance, all with a sword precariously balancing on my head.  Really, I'm so sorry, people...and thank you for not throwing tomatoes at me.

Anyway, there's something about being 45 now that has freed me to laugh at myself in the mirror when I'm the only one going left in a sea of right-goers, when my arms are up high while others all have theirs on their hips, I'm happily learning to love and appreciate my inner spazz.

OK, so with my new routine it's been suggested to me that I take some "before" photos so I can actually "see" any progress I may be making.  So, being the mom who always wants to include her children in things, I asked my little guy to help me out.

Me:  "Hey, will you take 'before' pictures of me in my swim suit?"

Little guy:  "Ask dad, that's why you got married."


Little guy:  "OK, what camera will I use?"

Me:  "Just my iPhone.  I don't need it to catch all of my flaws in detail."

Little guy:  "No, I want to use dad's fancy camera to get them all."

What a great kid!!!  Such a "helper"!

Big hugs for "liking" my blog posts on facebook!!!

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