Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gold Digger

My little guy is channeling his inner "old man on the beach".  He saved up enough money to buy a metal detector and is utterly and completely blissed out.

"Beep.....beep.....beep...beep...beep...beep.beep.beep.beepbeepbeepbeep!"  Commence digging!

Yes!  He's found another nail!!!  I love that he doesn't even really care what "treasure" he's dredged up from our back yard, which, by the way, now looks like a page out of a Louis Sachar novel.  He's proudly shown us a tent stake, a piece of wire, a can tab (like the ones from when I was a kid)..."Wow, mom, that's really old!" (Thanks, kid!), many nails, and two pennies.  Not a bad take!

"Hey, it's already paying for itself!"

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