Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's today? Hmmmm...happily, I have no idea.

One of my parents recently had a doctor's appointment.  You know, one of those you go to once a year.  Anyway, one of the routine questions they ask you, particularly as you're getting older, as I understand it, is "What day is today?"  This tells them what?  That your mind is still intact?  That you haven't begun losing your faculties?

Well, all I have to say is that when I'm in my seventies, I don't want to be considered to be losing it if I have no sense of what day it is.  I think of that as a sign of being at one with your bliss, truly living in the moment, a sign that you don't need to be aware of and ruled by human definitions of time.

I'm quite positive that I won't have a clue what day it is if I ever have the opportunity to stop working.  If my summer breaks are any indication, I will never be able to accurately answer such a question at my annual doctor visit.  I celebrate when I lose that skill after the last day of school and I know that I'm truly in the summer zone when I cannot relay what day or date it is without consulting my phone or computer.  I say, "Hooray!" for such things.

Now, I must go set an alarm in my phone to remind me when to take the trash/recycling out...after all, I can't think of a single other reason why the day of the week would matter to least till mid-August, anyway.  Yay!

I seriously love it when you "like" my blog on facebook...seriously!

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