Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doses of Sweetness

It's been anesthesia week round these parts.  Big guy had his wisdom teeth removed and Hazel had her internal lady parts removed.  I asked the dental doctor guy if we could have the teeth when they were done and he said, "no."  So, I figured there wasn't any point in asking about Hazel's parts, right?  Weird to even think about, eh, but this girl grew up with the hip ball thingie that had been removed from the family cat in a small bottle in the medicine cabinet for years (the hip ball thingie, not the cat).

Anyway, when we were able to go see our big guy after his procedure, he greeted us with this conversation...over and over, at least five times.

Big guy:  "How long have you been here?"

Me and/or Dave:  "I stayed here the whole time."

Big guy:  "No, I mean hereHere in this building."

Me and/or Dave:  "Yes, sweetie, here in this building."

Such a sweet little doped up guy!

So, you'll never guess what happened when we picked up Hazel after her procedure.  They brought her into the room and she immediately lay down on our feet and gazed up at us.  And I kid you not, that furry little girl asked us with her big brown eyes...

Hazel:  "How long have you been here?"

Pure sweetness round two.

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