Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Date was Tail Waggin' Good

Ya know what makes my day?  I'll tell ya.  Dave and I got to go on one of our Costco dates.  You know going anywhere without our children is a "date".  Unfortunately, it was meat lovers sample delight, to my great disappointment.  I do so love it when our Costco dates turn into a "dinner date"!  Sigh....  As we wandered the aisles searching for enough food to feed two teenaged boys, we passed by the "outdoor" aisle.  There was something in it that was calling to us...we had to go look.  It was an awesome outdoor shower that you could just hook up to your hose and soap up to your heart's delight.  Yes, we totally wanted one!  Fortunately for our neighbors, who are only separated from us by a short chain link fence, an outdoor shower simply wasn't in our budget...yet.  We continued our shopping/sampling through much of the rest of the store and were just about done when Dave decided he had to have one more taste of sausage.  As luck would have it, we had to pass the "outdoor" aisle to get there, and in that aisle was a little gift I swear the Costco gods put there just for me.  You see, there was now a grown man (perhaps in his mid-20s) standing at the shower pretending to bathe, and as he turned away from us a big, amazing, fuzzy striped tail that was attached to the back of his pants swung to and fro, like a windshield wiper clearing residue from his buttocks.  I was in I-LOVE-WEIRD heaven!  I told him just how awesome I thought he was...Dave even chimed in with his admiration.  And, you know what's funny?  I bet anything that guy went home that night and told his friends he had the strangest encounter with a weirdo couple at Costco.  I sure hope so.

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