Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Starting all Stupid and Stuff

It's no secret.  My favorite time of the day begins when I wake up and, well, takes a few notches down when my family starts moving around and making their presence known.  There, I've said it.  I've got them all convinced that I use my alone time to brew my tea, meditate, perhaps catch up on some laundry or dishes, read, paint, or anything else that resides on the zen spectrum.  Well, today, just about fifteen minutes after I woke up, Dave popped out of the bedroom and into the living room all perky and stuff.  He looked at me, all expectant like, and I could see his lip curl and his nose scrunch just a touch. 

Dave:  "Why are you sitting there all stupid?"

You see, I was sitting at the table eyes at half mast, mouth slightly agape, slouching in my P.J.s.

Me:  "Because this is how I start my day...I get smarter as the day goes on."

And, dangit, I've been having to prove that all day long.  It's been exhausting!  And not exactly successful.  Sigh....

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