Thursday, June 21, 2012

Danger, Danger!

Hazel was madly barking the other morning.  She was going crazy!  Dave ran to find her, you know, because he's super brave and all.  Well, what horrible threat to our well-being did he find?  It was little guy's evil electric toothbrush doing quite a little vibration dance in the hallway.  Well, our dog, Hazel, is quite a bada**.  She had shown it who was boss.  The head of the brush had been pulled off and chewed to bits.  Dave turned off the toothbrush, cleaned up the broken bits, and praised Hazel for her bravery.

So two things.

1 - The Parsons house is now and forever safe from all dangerous appliances, big and small. 

2 - All pieces of the toothbrush head were found except for half of the rotating brush tip.  Thinking that we will not only have the bravest dog on the block, but the one with the cleanest colon.

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