Saturday, June 30, 2012

Early Warning System Failure

Nose blows are surely as unique as our faces or fingerprints, right?  Mine?  Well, I have a medium-loud blow when I'm with family or alone, and a dainty squeak of a girly blow when I'm in public.  My kids?  Well, we usually have to nag them to get them to actually do it and when they do, it's likely messy.  But Dave...oh, my, my, my, Dave.  His do actual damage to the ears of anyone in the surrounding area.  We were at a store once when he blew his nose and a child about five feet away actually started crying.  His blows are bad, people!

So, as Dave always likes to be a nice guy, he came up with a warning system so we would all have a chance to cover our ears and prevent future hearing loss.  Here's how it's been going.


Everyone else:  "Aaaaaaaaaaah!!  My ears...they're bleeding!!!!!"

Dave:  "Excuse me."

Everyone else:  "You were supposed to warn us!"

Dave:  "Oh, yeah.  What was I supposed to say again?"

Everyone else:  "'Blow' warning, remember?"

Dave:  "HOOOOOOONNNKK!!!!  Look out B-low!"

Everyone else:  "You're supposed to warn us before you blow!"

Dave:  "Oh, well now I don't have any more buggers."

I know it's poor form when you have to explain a joke, but as Dave came up with this one, I figure it just might need explanation.  

"Look out B-low!" is very similar to "Look out below!" but it's funny because "B-low" spells "Blow".  OK, go ahead and laugh now, get it out of your system.

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