Friday, June 29, 2012

The Gift of Words

Thirteen year olds fart a lot.  Or maybe thirteen year old boys fart a lot.  Or maybe it's just my thirteen year old boy who farts a lot.

Let me just pause here for a moment to say that my little guy wears his farts proudly and will likely love this blog.

His current super power is waiting until the car doors are shut and the car is moving, and then ripping one.  It makes me wonder if this phenomenon exists in the wild.  Not the "in the car" part, but the rest for sure.  And, if so, why?

Anyway, tonight in the car, after a series of having to roll all the windows down and up and then down again...we had one of our truly Parsons conversations.

Dave:  "You need to keep your stinkamus holamus closed."  (This was to the little guy.)

Dave:  "You can use that in your blog."  (This was to me.  I know, I'm a very lucky lady.)

Me:  "I don't think I can use that."

Dave:  "No, no, no, I can work it out."

Me (under my breath):  "He works out..."  (Because, after all, I'm obsessed with that song.)

How I get from teenage boy farts to "Sexy and I know it" in a matter of a hundred words or so is awe inspiring...I'm quite sure.  Jealous much?

This was a very scary chiminea and an abandoned beverage that sat 
across the canal from where we stayed in Rockport.  
I thought they were a very lovely couple.

I totally and completely love it when you "like" my blog posts on facebook!!!

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