Monday, June 18, 2012

A tale of a wee little elbow bo-bo

You know that feeling when you hit your funny bone and it's totally not funny?  Well, I zinged my funny bone on a very sharp TV stand today.  I actually have a hole in my elbow.  Round these parts we call such injuries "elbow bo-bos" because we're quite hilarious, don't ya know.  And, yeah, if someone stubs their toe, we're awesome about telling them to, "Call a toe truck."  I tell ya, it's an injury riot around here!

Now, I do have an honestly-earned reputation for hosting pity parties and wanting to milk it...just a little, anyway.  So of course I had to give it a try at dinner tonight.

Me:  "My elbow hurts."  It's true, five hours later it still hurts.

Dave:  "Dog bite."  (whilst pointing at the top of his left wrist)  Yes, he does still have the remnants of a dog bite that occurred when we were in Rockport.

Me:  "That was so last week, Dave."

Little guy:  "My burn hurts."  Yeah, yeah, yeah, a couple of days ago he burned his forearm on the hot-n-sizzlin' fajita plate at a restaurant.

Me:  "That was so two days ago."

So, back to me, right?  I'd like to cordially invite my family to my elbow bo-bo pity party, but they've been avoiding me and not answering my calls or texts.  Sigh....

I fell in love with this lovely little sculpted "plush" lady
...couldn't resist recreating her in 2-D.

I love, love, love it when you "like" my blog on facebook!!

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