Friday, June 1, 2012

One is the Loneliest Number...But not at my House

Lucky, lucky me, I'm off work till mid-August.   I'm so happy, happy, happy!  The gift of leisure time is huge, and one that I appreciate every moment of every day during this time of year.  In addition to the gift of spare time I'm basquing in, I also find myself being able to...get ready for it...all my teacher buds will understand...go to the bathroom whenever the urge strikes.  Each summer I find myself reflecting on how this activity has changed over the years.  Seriously I can't really remember going to the bathroom before I had children.  I mean, surely I went, of course I went, but it wasn't really a thing.  All that changed about 17 years ago.

Yes, the big guy entered my life and going to the bathroom has never been the same.  Quite suddenly, I had company everywhere I went, and, seemingly, especially in the bathroom.  I remember quietly tip-toeing into the bathroom only to have my moment disrupted by crying, yelling, and later a wee one  just coming right on in...and even crawling up onto my lap!  Then this cycle repeated three-and-a-half years later when little guy came along.  Don't get me wrong, I loved every second of it.  It's just that it was a change.  Now that my kids are 13 and 17 they decidedly do not enter the bathroom if I'm using it, rather they act appalled that I would even have a need for such a thing that has interrupted whatever their current preening needs happen to be.

Lucky for me, though, I've never had a gap in loving interruptions.  When my kids faded their invasions, my pets picked up the slack...a caress on my legs from my cat, an opening nudge on the door and a shaggy black face or a white one full of curls coming on in and giving me a lean-in hug and a request for some scratchin'.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure if I found myself alone in my bathroom at home, I'd have serious abandonment issues.


  1. I sooo identify. Katy gets offended if i dont let her in. Why?!

  2. Even though I live sans humans, I can identify. And it is sooo sad to me that we teachers all have to celebrate the simple joy of being able to go to the bathroom whenever we want. I worked for a publisher for a year and that first week, I think I spent more time in the bathroom than editing - just because I could!