Friday, June 8, 2012

Death by Halitosis

Little guy has been going to summer camp this week.  It's all awesome medieval sword fighting, tracking animals, shooting arrows, and such.  He's been waking up all on his own...seriously a miracle as the kid cannot wake up for anything on a school day.  So, it was almost time to go and all I asked of him was that he brush his teeth.

Me:  "Brush your teeth, kiddo."

Little guy:  "I don't like brushing my teeth."

Me:  "Do it for your fellow campers if not for yourself."

Little guy:  "It could be my secret weapon."

Me:  "Yeah, you could accidentally kill someone with your breath."

Little guy:  "Death by bad breath asphyxiation...awesome!"

That's my boy...makin' his mama proud...every day.

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