Monday, April 29, 2013

A "Boo" Beating

So there I was, sitting all innocently in my car waiting in the middle school parking lot for my little guy to be dismissed from band sectionals.  And I sat, and I sat, and I sat.  Until...I caught a glimpse of the little dude rounding the corner and heading toward my car.  He got closer and closer, and then he suddenly changed his trajectory, rounding behind my car and along the driver's side.  He slowed his pace, assumed his scariest zombie-arms-in-the-air-accompanied-by-a-hideous-face look he could muster.  He got right to my window and I put my arms up, put on my scariest face, and, yes...I scared the living crud outa the kid.  Oh, yes I did!!!

Little guy:  As he got in the car, post terrifying moment, "You're stupid, mom."

Yeah, well, mama's feeling mighty smart and clever right about now, darlin'!

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