Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fake it Till you Maybe Make it

I'm fashion challenged.  Of this there is absolutely no doubt, I'm sure.  Well, tonight I stepped out of my comfort range.  Mind you, this means I didn't wear jeans/boots/lady cut T-shirt or cutoffs/tank top/flip flops.  My comfort range is quite tiny, indeed.

Anyway, I wore a maxi dress with BIG flowers all over it.  I'm sure it's out of style because I picked it up at a thrift shop and then let it sit in my closet for a year.  And, to complicate things, this particular maxi dress had built in boobs.  Yup, fake chi-chis.  While I thought, "Hey, great!" when I got it, the actual implementation of said chi-chis was somewhat awkward...particularly as I invited them to join me at a party I attended all afternoon.  And they were not particularly good guests...always complaining when I bumped them into things, always wondering if they were passing as "real", and sometimes even threatening to fold in upon themselves.

Yeesh!  Thinking this dress (and its appendages) may be finding its way back to a thrift store....

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    1. Thanks, Jean!!! :-) Let me know when your Etsy shop is back up. I want to check it out! Have a great rest of the weekend!