Thursday, April 4, 2013

Emotional Spending

You know you've hit that emotional time of the month when you find yourself at Costco looking at the back of the conditioner bottle and the words "NO ANIMAL TESTING" make you cry just a little bit.  I was just so darn happy to see it on there...if you know me, you get it.

Clearly my emotions were running high, and I did my best to calm myself as I went about the rest of my shopping.  As I approached the checkout lanes there was just one that had only two people waiting and I snagged my spot behind a woman.  She put her items on the conveyor, got one of those grocery divider things and put it out behind her stuff.  How nice!  I love when people do that!

Then her phone rang.  She chatted a bit and then it was her turn at the register.  She pulled out her membership card and handed it to this lovely, sweet-faced gentleman who began to ring up her items.

Checker:  "Hello."

Lady:  She ignored him.

Checker:  "Did you find everything you needed?"

Lady:  She ignored him.

Checker:  "Your total is...."

Lady:  She held out her credit card in his general direction...and said nothing.

Checker:  "Thank you."  He handed her receipt.

Lady:  She walked away never giving the checker a glance, all the while talking on her phone.

Well, with my empathy in top gear, I was determined to be his best, most attentive customer...ever!

Me:  "Hello!"
              "I did, I found everything I was looking for!"
                    "Thank you!  Have a great day!"

...and then I got proof that smiles are contagious.

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