Saturday, April 27, 2013

Childhood Memories

I was gazing at my oldest son this morning.  The guy has somehow managed to grow into a giant...right before our eyes...right under over our noses.  He now towers over both me and Dave.

Me:  "Do you remember being little?"

Big guy:  "You mean like dad?"

OK, that was awesome.  Seriously huge funny points go to the kid for coming up with that so fast.

But then later that afternoon, as I'm pretty much never apt to simply let something go, I had to dig a little deeper.

Me:  "So really, do you remember being little?

Big guy:  "Yes."

Me:  "Were you happy?"

Big guy:  "Yes."

Me:  "Did you have fun?"

Big guy:  "Yes."

Me:  "Good."

Thinking this years later confirmation cancels out all those times he told us he hated us and we were the worst parents ever.  I'm good with that.

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