Monday, April 22, 2013

Sadism and Masochism

My husband...he's a bit of a sadist.  Not in a really mean way or anything like that.  Just in a "he's torturing me for moments at a time every single day" kind of way.

Now don't go and call protective services or anything like that.  I find that I rather like it.  Hmmmmmm...I suppose that makes me just a bit of a masochist, eh?

Here's the deal.  Ever since Dave and I considered that maybe we'll be moving away from these parts (no time soon!), he's been pulling up the most amazing houses our price range...and making me look at them.  What happens is this.

Dave:  "You gotta come see this!"

Me:  "OK," for the nth time that day.

Click, click, click....

Dave/Me:  "Oh.  Oh, gosh!  That's cool!  Let's go now!!!"

And then we come back down to earth...and I go back to whatever I was doing...and Dave keeps clicking and looking....

Dave:  "You gotta come see this!"

This piece is composed of some of my favorite things paint.

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