Friday, April 26, 2013

Crunchy Goodness

You know how you know when your husband's supportive of your eating habits?  Well, I sure do.  All it takes is reading one of his emails to a friend of his.  Something along the lines of "Kali eats like a bird.  She's easier to please food-wise than I am.  Usually I just put her out in the back yard for a while and she comes back in full."

Did I sneak a peek at his computer when he wasn't looking?  No way!  Nope, that guy proudly read the email to me...I mean seriously proudly...beaming and such.  "That's some funny stuff!!" he proclaimed.

And, well, darn it, the dude has me there.  It is funny.  And true.  And, by golly, that dandelion in the corner by the gate sure looks yummy!

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