Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We're gonna pop some tags...

...only got twenty dollars in our pocket.  OK, confession, we had twenty dollars in each of our pockets.

The little guy and I finally did our thrift shop challenge tonight.  We took three garbage bags of goods to drop off, received our twenty percent off coupon in exchange, and then we went in.

Mind you, the trip to the thrift shop almost didn't happen.  You see, it turns out that when you go in your kids' rooms singing, "Let's go pop some tags..." it isn't necessarily received in the spirit it's sung.

Little guy:  "Mom, you're only making it worse."

Big guy:  "I would've said 'yes' if you hadn't done that."

Well, the little guy did leave his objections behind and went with me.  Our total bill?  $34.11


On the way home we had a little talk, the little guy and I.

Me:  "That was fun!"

Little guy:  "Why do you always see everything as 'fun'?"

May he always think that of me.

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