Sunday, April 14, 2013

Be the Machine

My lovely husband, Dave, rarely horns in on my blogging.  It's pretty amazing given that he's one of my most favorite blog topics.  But today the dude actually got pushy.  You see, when I brag about his cleverness it rather goes to his very handsome head and, well, frankly, it encourages him. I was going about doing laundry this weekend...freakin' six or seven loads worth, I lost count...he remarked that I'd been doing tons of laundry...that I was a "Washing Machine!"  You know, like a "Dancing Machine" or a "Love Machine" only much, much less sexy and glamorous.  Anyway, I promised him I'd tell you all about his most recent cleverness.

And, lucky you, he didn't even bother to copyright this one, so use freely, claim it as your own, enjoy!

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