Friday, April 19, 2013

It's an Invasion!!!

We're super big on fruit 'round these parts.  We've always got a wide selection available...much of it living on our bar.  Well, a couple of days ago we started noticing a few little bitty flies buzzing around.  That then turned into what feels like hundreds!  So of course I went to Google to find some way of handling this in a non-toxic way.  Now I know I'm totally one of those catch and release kind of people...well, I've decided that applies to all insects except flies, cockroaches, and now fruit flies.  Oh, and all insect/arachnid types should be aware that if they strike first and bite or sting me I consider them fair game, too.

Funny thing, most search results involved beer or wine, so as non-drinkers, I was out of luck there.  But there was one idea that involved apple cider vinegar (you bet I have that!) so I was ready to rock my fruit fly hunting cap.  One glass filled with the vinegar, a few apple chunks tossed in, a paper funnel tucked into the top, and I was in business.  Oh, and so my family didn't think it was just yet another one of "Kali's weird food concoctions," I wrote "Fruit Fly Trap" in big letters on the funnel.  And off to work I went.

Bet you're wondering if it worked, aren't ya?  In fact it did do a couple of things.  First it made my house smell stinky.  I love vinegar, but I don't love its aroma.  Second, the cup looks like it's hosting a fruit fly convention.

I'm declaring myself the winner in this battle.

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