Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Apparently it's only Temporary

It was back to the dentist day for me this morning.  Temporary crown pulled off...check.  Cold water swishing that I really didn't like...check.  Permanent crown installed...check.  Asked the dentist if I could keep the temporary crown for my kid who collects such things...check.  Dentist says "yes" with the disclaimer that it's likely stinky from bacteria...check.

So, I leave there happy with my likely stinky temporary crown, just knowing that my kid will be thrilled.  Yup, my awesome mama status is in tact!

Me:  "I got something for you today."

Little guy:  "What?"

Me:  "My temporary crown."

Little guy:  "That's disgusting, mom."

This from the kid who has a collection of all things injury related:  family toenails that have fallen off, every cast any of us has had, a pile of x-rays from all his broken bones, hair from major haircuts, etc.

I guess my little guy is growing up!, what to do with that potentially stinky temporary crown....

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