Thursday, April 25, 2013

Give that Lady a Hand

Mosquito season is officially here.  How do I know?  Well, there was one all the way in the school, all the way in the teacher workroom, and then all the way in the staff bathroom.  That's a lot of traveling for a little bugger.

Anyway, I went into the bathroom and spied that little blood sucker right away.  I raised my hands in my "smack the crud out of it" position and...for just a moment...just the tiniest of seconds...and the next couple of minutes played like a movie in my head.  You see, the thing is, I never, EVER, manage to smack a mosquito on my first try.  Rarely even on my second, or third, or fourth...but I am persistent, so I pretty much always do eventually get it. 

So, here's how my couple minute movie went.

Kali enters the teacher bathroom.

Many other teachers and staff all of a sudden feel the need to go to the teacher workroom for a myriad of reasons.

A long series of claps can be heard from the bathroom.

Kali walks out to see a room full of co-workers staring at officially known as "that teacher who applauds when she pees."

Yup, it would so happen!

...and that particular mosquito lived to see another day.

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