Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Magic through the Eyes of a Six Year Old

Magic is so very alive to the young.  The mystery and delight of it all is pure bliss to witness.  My sweet niece was recently in town and I had the great pleasure of introducing her to a little Austin fairy magic.  I took her to see the wonder of Fairy Alley and the adjacent Casa Wonderlandia.  She stooped low to take in the tiniest of tea sets that the fairies surely used when we weren't around; she looked high in the trees taking in the swirling of mirrors and crystals casting reflected light and rainbows about; she climbed the small hill to look deep within the hole where the fairies' toad happily spent his days; and her eyes grew to double their size when I let her in on a little secret...that the fairies here know the tooth fairy that visits her house many states away.

Ah...the wonder and awe of magic...I love it so.

A magical castle for my lovely niece...
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