Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catching some Zs

Last night I was startled awake by Dave's snoring.  He denies that he does it, but, by golly, the dude is a serious snorer from time to time.  And last night was one such time.  Now, I certainly don't hold it against him.  I know that when someone is asleep they're totally not responsible for things their bodies do.  I remind Dave of this every time he complains about what in my sleep.

So, while yes, I was startled awake, I had not a hint of anger or grumpiness.  I figured this was my chance to catch those elusive Zs on tape.  Or film.  Or whatever my iPhone has in it.  Anyway, I stealthfully reached for my phone, pulled it under the covers, turned it to silent, got the video mode set, slowly moved it out from under the quilt, prepared to press "record"...and the freakin' snoring stopped!!!  Yeesh!  OK, now I was a little grumpy.  But not much.

Next time Zs, next time....

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