Thursday, April 18, 2013

I am SO MUCH BIGGER than I appear!

Objects across the table are larger than they appear.  That object?  Well, it's me.  I was sitting at the kitchen table all innocent like (as always) and suddenly I had three guys griping at me, making observations, pointing fingers.

Dave:  "You're the smallest person in the house but you take up the most room."

The boys had similar observations.

The thing is, pretty much no one ever eats at our table.  Sad, I suppose, but it's true.  No one, I should say, except me.  I actually eat all of my meals here.  So, I've settled into making the kitchen table mine...all mine!!!!!  (insert maniacal laughter)

There I was, happily stretched across one entire side of the table, my polished off plate and bowl, my jar of jalapeños, my computer, my phone, and some ribbon from a project I worked on a couple of days ago.  

Little guy:  "Stand up."

I stood.  He moved my computer over.  The big guy took my dishes to the sink.  My jar of jalapeños were shoved in my general direction, and I was told to sit back down in a different seat.

Me:  "This chair is cold.  I don't like it."

Three "likes" "don't like"...yeah, I settled in, defeated, slowly warming up the seat, and started typing this very blog post.

Thanks for "liking" my blog posts!!

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