Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Cowgirl and a Cactus

Two things that I recently found out do not mix...and you'd think they would since they really pretty much seem to coexist, right?

Well, my goodness, the other day I was wearing flip-flops (we'll get to the cowgirl part later) and Dave and I were dragging load after load of old funky wood to the curb for bulky pick-up (AKA "South Austin Swap Meet").  It was all going just fine, in spite of the crazy number of spiders we encountered, till I managed to back into our lovely, and quite huge cactus plant.  I didn't feel anything pokey, didn't see anything pokey sticking out of my calf..."Whew," I thought, "dodged that bullet!"

And all was just fine and dandy until I put on my little black dress and black cowboy boots.  Dave and I had a "hot date" at Lowe's, you see.  And ZOW!  The top of my right boot instantly found a gajillion teeny, tiny spines. 

Did I take off my boots?  Uh, no.  Even if I didn't feel good, I looked good...or, you know, as good as I can ever manage.

Lucky for me Dave had racked up some cactus experience of his own and he pulled out his trusty roll of tape, rolled a nice big loop, and handed it to me.  Tap, tap, tap and all of my problems were solved.

...well, most of them anyway.

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