Sunday, June 9, 2013

Step on it!

The little guy and our seventy-five pound puppy, Hazel, were lying on the floor spooning ever so sweetly (they missed each other during our short trip out of town).  I stood and admired them for a moment or two before I raised my foot and stepped over them.  You see, they have this goofy habit of always being in the pathway.  And of course I have this habit of always needing to be right on the other side of them.  Anyway, I raised my foot, stepped over them, had my foot just about to have a clean landing on the far side of them...and of course they both moved!  And of course I stepped on both of them.  I've got mad skills in that way.

Little guy:  "Mom, you stepped on us!"

Me:  "I know...sorry.  I thought you'd both just be still."

Little guy:  "Mom, you know neither of us are good at that."

The kid's got a point.  So, did I learn a lesson about expecting them to stay still?  Likely not.  Did they learn a lesson about staying still when someone is stepping over them?  Decidedly not.

Sigh...and we all wait till the next time I step over on them.

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