Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dog Whisperer

Dave and I were finally able to leave ourselves...first time in nineteen years.  We left early in the morning, rolled our bags out the front door, locked the house, and drove away.

Fifteen minutes later...

Text from my little guy:  "Scout won't stop howling what should I do"

Me:  So sorry!  I dunno.  Let scout sleep with you or you sleep on her bed or try raw hide.  She misses us already.  I love you so much!!!"

Little guy:  "She stopped howling but now she started doing this annoying like slow bark thing"

Me:  "Sorry.  Might as well get up, eh?"  (It was 5:00 AM)

Little guy:  "No I feel dead"

Me:  "Sleep through her noise."

Little guy:  "I can't she's really loud"

Me:  ":-(  Give her a can of tuna fish."

Little guy:  "That worked!"

Yup, I'm slow to get there but I'm a dog whisperer from many states away.

And now at my house "tuna" is the new "squirrel".

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